Film Review: Gravity

Let’s cut to the chase - Go see Gravity right now in IMAX 3D, or on the largest 3D screen you can find in your area. I almost never recommend seeing anything in 3D, as I feel it’s too often tossed in as an afterthought. A marketing gimmick. Not the case here. Gravity isn’t just a film, it’s a heart pounding, jaw dropping experience that took my breath away on more then one occasion, and left me stunned at the dazzling showcase of technical brilliance. It’s ability to deftly immerse you into it’s surroundings and provide a “You-Are-There!” feeling of dread and anxiety is astonishing.

Gravity is a very simple story told in a new way. Astronauts, making repairs to a Hubble like telescope, find themselves caught in a satellite debris storm that causes catastrophic damage to their shuttle and wipes out communication with Houston control. Adrift, with oxygen and power in their suits dwindling, the crew must find a way to seek shelter, and get back to Earth.

It is said that God is in the details, and the degree to which the effort is made to explore what a situation such as this might actually be like is handled with great care. You can sense the filmmakers desire to get it as right as they can. Respect of the science and physics involved makes the action so much more real and therefore, more terrifying.

Director Alfonso Cuarón utilizes the 3D element with a firm command of it’s drawbacks and possibilities. Here, it contributes to, and accentuates the texture of the film’s reality while still able to indulge in a few nicely timed moments that may have you ducking for cover.

Yet, for all the technical wizardry on grand display, high marks go to Sandra Bullock, and George Clooney for adding a dose of humanity to the digital landscape. They give us something to grasp onto as we drift aimlessly through the dark, cold, unforgiving space above the Earth.

Gravity is a fun, scary, breathtaking wonder of a film, and I urge you to get out and see it  immediately.